Cafe Chargers

Sundae is family day and sundae dinner is family dinner Рeveryone loves ice creams, it is the pudding that skips generations Рeveryone has memories of their favourite day and an ice cream memory to match.  Cream charges make the perfect sundae even more perfect Рand don;t feel as though you need to limit yourself to that day of the week Рthere is room for whipped cream on every day that ends in a Y!

sundae cafe chargers


Does that look as good to you as it doe to me? The recipe is as easy as 1-2-3 and that can even be counted out on the toes of a three-toed sloth! Of curse the ice cream cake is not everything – but if you take a look into the recipe section the you will find everything you need to see to recreate this all for yourself.

Before we get onto the cakes – then we can take a look at this world record breaking ice cream sundae.



So how does that make you feel – could you recreate that with simpler and nothing more technical than ice-cream chargers? Probably not – after all what is the point in cut-price opulence – the shine s the important bit after all is is not? So how do recreate $1000 worth of opulence for a fraction of the cost – well I’d have to say that it’s better to spend a lot on a little than a little on a lot!