Caramelized pears and ice-cream crumble

This dessert tastes a lot like an pear pie but is somehow even greater! The perfect café sundae on a Sunday. It’s very hot for the hot s0 have a go – you’ll be ready to trott! The caramelized part is the most important – so don’t take short cuts with this.


When you’re ready to eat then don’t be shy – get your whipped cream chargers out and slather it all over yourselves – you’ll be licking your fingers, your toes and every other part of you body!!


– 125 milliliters of butter;

– 125 milliliters of sugar;

– 4 pears or peeled and diced Cortland with its heart removed;

– a pinch of ground cinnamon;

– a pinch of fleur de sel and ground nutmeg;

– 2 liters of vanilla ice-cream;

-250 milliliters of granola or muesli.


Take a pan and put the butter in it to melt over medium heat. Put the sugar in the butter and caramelize it until it becomes golden in color. Add the pears, which have been cut into pieces, the cinnamon, the and the nutmeg and let it cook for several minutes. Add some salt. Take a glass serving bowl and put the mixture with the pears on its bottom spread evenly. Use an ice-cream scoop to add some ice-cream on top. Sprinkle some granola and put it in the fridge for several hours to freeze. After that, you can serve it right after it is taken out of the fridge. The granola can also be replaced by toasted almonds or walnuts depending on your preferences.

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