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Nitrous Oxide or Liquid Nitrogen

You’ve probably heard of nitro ice cream? Well if not then it’s as simple as regular ice cream but done at a high speed.

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Cream Chargers

sundae cream chargers

Sundae cream chargers

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Dinner Frame

Take a trip around the more salubrious taste-buds of somebody else’s mouth! And experience a sensation that you will never actually get for real – the very explosive charges menu framed!

Remember all foods are not created equal!

Sundae Dinner

sundae dinner

The sundae dinner is something that the whole family can enjoy together – anyone out there got the whipped cream dispenser – this one needs soem extra trimmings on top!

So that leaves the eternal and unanswered questio have you still got a cherry and why do you like like the cat that got the cream? Stop purring and tuck in…