Cream Chargers Lobster

Cream Chargers lobster foam – now we are talking …

You my of course think that the sundae café is all about ice-cream, well you would be over half correct there … however we are also a fan of anything that could be modernist cooking which is why we like to create crazy with our cream chargers, take this example of a great lobster foam recipe here as an example

simple make your seafood bisque as you normally would or alternative follow these directions here:

and then put the whole lot through a sieve so that there aren’t any little “bits” to block the nozzle on the cream dispenser.

Pour it into your whipper and chill it in the fridge.

Once it has cooled then simply charge it up with a single nitrous cream chargers and squirt it into a glass as if you were serving a dessert mousse – scatter a few prawns over the top and bingo – you have a cream chargers lobster mousse!!

lobster chargers

don’t be shy about serving it cold – just add some more cream – or even soured cream – as a dollop onto the surface before you serve.

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