Cream Chargers

sundae cream chargers

Sundae cream chargers

At what point does a Sunday become a sundae Sunday? That is where the cream chargers are clearly needed! because without them then ice cream is simply frozen cream – but as soon as you get the added whipped cream it is a sundae. So, how do you spend your perfect cream chargers sundae? Let us mix the erotic with the exotic and just for a second – let us not think about Sunday as a family day – or the day to go to church but rather the day to indulge yourself and you lover! This is the day when you can stop your clocks and freeze time in the exact place where you want it – this is the sundae Sunday!

So what do you need – the start would be the whipped cream chargers – these are an essential part of what is planned for this event!

Cream Chargers - be prepared

Cream Chargers – be prepared

So, be prepared – get the chargers fully loaded – bring along any of the other flavourings that you think you might require – flavoured whipped cream? Well why not? There is certainly a lot to recommend it – just remember the key is in the planning – if you aren’t ready then the clocks will not stop and your Sunday Sundae will be nothing more than a regular weekend day – but perhaps with a bit more ice cream!

Take it slow the chargers sundae is not about eating a lot – that can wait for another day -this is not your Sunday lunch – the clocks will start again as soon as you do something as prosaic as eat food for sustenance – there will be plenty of time for tat afterwards, after all you are stopping time so have nothing to lose – the rabbit looking for the hole will not be late – time is no longer part of the equation for this special event!

So where to put the whipped cream – charge it with a nitrous – oxide canister – well the simple answer to that is everywhere!!! and possibly even more places besides that too! So what to do if your lactose intolerant – well you can always fill the cream dispenser with soya but that does loose a bit of the magic so perhaps if you can’t manage the cream then consider something else for your perfect Sunday sundae?

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