Cream Supplies Best Sundae

The Sundae cafe knows.. there are sundaes and the there are best sundaes… so how about a bacon sundae with chocolate coated potato crisps? Sounds too weird not to be good…

sundae cafe

sundae cafe


You might be thinking that it is the bacon ice cream that sounds strange but it is the chocolate potatoes that are weirding me out…

There are plenty of candies bacon ice cream recipes but perhaps it is inevitable that it has to be Heston that goes too far with a savoury bacon and egg ice cream!

And of course, there is Ben and Gerry’s too..

bacon ice cream

The question you need to ponder is… should you put the bacon into the ice cream, or just sort of scatter it on top. Do you want bacon ice cream or ice cream with bacon? Either way, it coudl well befinding it’s way onto the sundae afe menu some time soon!!

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