Molecular Mojito

Sundae Cafe – getting a bit modern, how about a molecular Mojito? But what is that exactly? Firstly you need to know what a mojito is and then you need to understand what molecular mixology is!



The mojito was reinvented by Bacardi as part of an exceptionally effective advertising campaign – it has taken on a life of its own since then and is now the summer cocktail of choice for a generation.

The idea of making it all molecular is something newer, and basically involves taking the flavours of the mojito – rum, mint, soda, sugar and then playing with the textures a little bit to turn them into something altogether more interesting.

Of all the things you could do (there are three ways of serving it if you use the Molecule-r revolution cocktail kit) the preference at the sundae cafe would have to be the mojito bubbles, those are something rather good indeed!!

What you end up with as an egg made with a jelly shell, and full of mojito – so you can pop the whole thing into your mouth and then pop it to enjoy the cocktail – hard to describe, but easier to actually do!

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