Sunday Sundae Cafe Whipped Cream Competition

The sundae café is generous but maybe not going beyond the obvious of the discount code for our prima-menu. Other will be taking it one stage further with super prizes in competitions, the Cheeky Monkey cream chargers must be a fine example of how to do it.

sexy cream comp

sexy cream comp

The question they are asking is effectively, what is the most original thing you could think of to do with whipped cream – we’re winners on that front (although we won’t be entering) but we do so many things with cream in so many different places we’re never short of inspiration. To begin with how simple would it be to add a simple bit of flavouring to it. Maybe some orange zest for a citrus cream tang, or if you are feeling a bit richer how about chocolate and drambuie flavoured whipped cream?

But where this competition is going to get really interesting is that they throw the presentation into the mix – so it is not just what your recipe is, but also how you are going to eat it – I’m now thinking of all sorts of sets and ideas – some involving a full smorgasbord spread… thinking thinking, thinking…

naked buffet

how about that for a fruity, fruit salad just crying out for a hosing down with whipped cream?

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